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Kent Philpott's Bible Study Sermons

Oct 25, 2017

It was meant to be Peter’s last night alive, but an angel of the Lord rescues Peter without the sixteen Roman guards even being aware of it. Peter heads for the home of Mary where believers are present. A servant girl, Rhoda, hears banging on the gate of the large home, so she goes to it. Peter announces himself, but she is so excited, she does not open the door, but runs up to the gathering and announces that Peter is at the entrance to the house. The believers think she is mad, despite their praying, but eventually Peter is brought in. Peter requests that “James and the brothers” be told about what happened then leaves to parts unknown. Then follows the story of Herod, who falls prey to a terrible illness, only described as “eaten by worms,” a common idiom meaning dying badly due to an invasive disease.