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Kent Philpott's Bible Study Sermons

Oct 25, 2017

Some unknown time after the conversion of Sergius Paulus, Luke says that “Paul and his companions” left Cyprus and arrived at Perga, in Pamphylia (modern day Turkey) and from Perga they went to Antioch in Pisidia. John did not make this trip but returned to Jerusalem. The missionaries visit the synagogue in Antioch and are invited to speak. Paul then proceeds to preach a sermon quite similar to the one Peter preached on the Day of Pentecost, a message that the Jewish listeners would be able to follow and appreciate. Paul is bold to show how the Old Testament looked forward to someone in the line of David to be the Savior/Messiah. Paul shows that John the Baptist, who was widely considered a prophet, pointed to Jesus as the long awaited Savior. He shows how, according to Scripture, this one from God would be killed on a tree, but that God raised him for the dead. This “good news” Paul proclaims to his fellow Jews.